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   The Server is offline and will not be coming back up.

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Why the server is offline...


(This is a bit long, if you don't have the time or patience to read it all, skip to the conclusion at the end... But I really suggest reading the full thing, another time if you have to, it will help you develop an understanding of what we had to deal with.)

The server is down, and will be, for a while at least. I don't want anyone to have high expectations, especially if the staff don't. To start off, a lot of the staff and loyal players have already become inactive. A big majority of them moving on from minecraft, gaming, or just the computer overall. Also, a great deal of them have work, school, and other things that keep them very busy. Fun or not. (The same goes for me, exams, tons of distractions away from minecracked and gaming overall, The list can go on...)

I myself, do NOT have enough inspiration and time to keep going, or at least at the MOMENT. Yes, we sometimes do get a boost of motivation and some sort of brainstorming goes on in the staff chat, but it doesn't last for long. The ideas are written down, then put away.

So you might be wondering... Why? Why the sudden loss of interest with the minecracked community? Why now? What could have possibly happened to cause this?

Well... To sum it up? Money. Money is a big problem, especially when it comes to gaming. Donations aren't what they used to be in the gaming community, especially MINECRAFT Servers. Donations aren't donations anymore. They are purchases. Purchases of an online service, or product. Money is what turns games inside-out. It brings unbalance to the community. You cannot have fun in an environment that is full of corruption, and exploitation. I urge you not to donate to a server that will offer you: "THE BEST DEALS, THE BEST RANKS, AND THE BEST POWERS IN THE SERVER!!!!!!". What happened to all of the gamers starting out equal? Gaming is meant for all ages and classes, the poor, the average, and the rich. When you introduce RANKS, and some sort of advantages like GOD MODE and features like: "Donate for more in-game money", it just corrupts the equity of the whole system. When you see someone on our server with the Titan rank, do you think to yourself... "Wow he must be rich!"? Or... "Wow he must be really dedicated! Respect!"? Yes. But then... do you also think him above you? Yep. If you see him or her in a PVP area, you will automatically back-out, or consider yourself dead on the spot. Why? Because he has more power than you, in this case, VIA Real Life money. Is that fair?

What's your point? What does it all have to do with OUR server?

3-4 Months ago, someone named Pure_Cod, and Josh... or something similar, joined our server. These two people (I believe they were actually kids, 12-13 years old) Donated in excess over $600-700 (Probably through their parent's Credit Cards). For ranks, for the PvP packages, and so on and so forth. About 1 month ago, I received around 10 emails from Paypal. Emails saying that someone had started DISPUTES on Paypal. Each dispute featuring a payment of around $20-$200. A dispute is where the buyer (Them) tries to get his or her money back (Usually illegally, and in a fraudulent manner. It's highly exploitable and abused frequently on Paypal). I immediately log into my account, and see the balance... around -$400 to -$500. Not even kidding you right now. I couldn't pay for anything! I couldn't pay for the web-hosting, the server hosting, the damn backup servers, NOTHING. Not until, as Paypal said, "My balance was positive". I had around 10 days to gather proof, information, and anything that I could do to stop this madness. Turns out our proof was invalid, as there was no legit ITEM, being shipped to an ADDRESS. It turns out, when someone pay's with a Credit Card over the internet, Paypal doesn't give a flying f%$# about the SELLER (Us), and their rights if there is nothing shipped to someone's house. They said to me: "We can't do anything furthermore, it is now up the the Credit Card company to decide if the buyer's (Pure_cod) claim is legitimate, or false." 30-60 days later, the Credit Card company emails me, saying the buyer's claim was correct. There goes the server's funding, and there goes about $700-800. If you are wondering why it's more now: They took about $150 EXTRA for Paypal's "FEES" and "Taxes" For their own employees. That mind you, didn't do crap.

(Props to Uberhaxorr for supporting the server by paying for the server hosting in it's last days. Much love to everyone in staff, Jason, Uberhaxorr, Ratman, Darkusterror, Owned1433, and alot more...)

So what are we left with? A worn out gunofason, and an equally unenthusiastic staff.

I think I lost my true passion as soon as we started going big with donations. At that exact moment I knew it was going to be all about the money, and a lot less about the players. This is why we are "TRYING" to start the new server, with a strictly limited donation system and balanced skills for every player.

Conclusion: - We will not be releasing a server to the public anytime soon, don't expect anything big, unless we announce it. - Staff has lost interest, and everyone is slowly becoming inactive due to the recent happening. (We might recover, but due to this fact, it will take a lot longer than expected.) - The loss of interest is primarily due to the fact that Pure_Cod and his "Friend" bankrupt us to the point of a negative balance on my Paypal (They illegally charged back money from the account, an excess of -$700 to -$800) Which started a chain reaction that lost us the server, and our will to keep working on it. (Detailed explanation up top, if you skipped to the conclusion) - Side story: Gaming is about the players, not their wallets. Think about this if you ever start a server.

If we manage to get the forums back on, we would urge you to share any old memories and pictures you can find.


Mike - AKA "Gunofason"